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      About Us
      • 中國江蘇省常州市新北區安家工業園振興路100號
      • 0519-85975929
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            Changzhou changda electrical appliance co., LTD is located in Changzhou economic and technological development zone. Our company has convenient transportation and superior geographical condition.
            Our company Located only 5 km away from Changzhou exit of shanghai-nanjing express way and 180 km away from Shanghai. After nearly 20 years' efforts, our company has formed a large scale of production and covers an area of ten thousand square meters.
            Our company has more than 10 sets of Japanese professional automation production equipment , more than 20 sets of Japanese professional testing equipment and more than 100 sets of domestic testing equipments. Our company mainly product current and temperature type thermal protector such as,17 am series ,KWA KWB series, 9700k series and temperature type thermal protector such as KW series, YS11 series. Not only we have great annual production ability reaching 60 million, but also our technical level has a leading position among those competitors. Our product has gotten CQC certification, UL certification, Germany VDE certification European CE certification, CB certification and so on.
            Our company with this managing policy of supply best quality and service has already become the cooperative partners of domestic and international known enterprises , such as Siemens, Panasonic, SONY, Emerson Haier, Hitachi, Nidec, RongShiDa, little swan, sunrain and so on.
            Our company will adhere to market-oriented principle and product applicable principle,  implementing product development, continuously push off satisfaction products to customer.

      版權所有:常州市常達電器有限公司  地址:中國江蘇省常州市新北區安家工業園振興路100號  電話:0519-85975929
      傳真:0519-85971087  郵編:213126
      郵箱:tan@worldchangda.com  網址:www.visa17.com
      技術支持:常州云計算  備案號:蘇ICP備11072940號-1
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